Entry #7

Medal Score

2009-05-15 01:31:22 by commentor

So should there be a ranking for the Medal Score? There's nothing on it in the help page niether. Clicking "Medal Score" on your account page only takes you to the list of medal enabled games.


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2009-05-15 05:22:27

what he says


2009-07-18 11:01:23


i dont think people want to be known for beeing the bigest medal whore

or do they :/


2009-12-24 06:03:31

I think it might be an alright idea. And, by the way, ignore idiots like CarlJohnson, or whatever his username is; resist the temptation to comment on his userpage. I am telling you this for your own good: don't feed the trolls. They'll starve and die from lack of attention eventually.

He's just a frighteningly stupid kid who plays too many video games and listens to too much rap music.